There are hundred and thousands of websites on the World Wide Web. Thousands are being added everyday, so your website has every chance of becoming lost and we would go so far as to say that it will surely get lost. Herein, emerges the primary role of SEO services.

They will increase your visibility on the internet and thus increase the chances of someone actually coming across your site and using it.

The words ‘Search Engine Optimization’ refer to the optimization of content for the benefit of Search Engines. How do people search for a particular site? They do so, with the help of search engines. What search engines do is that they send spiders crawling through the website, in order to rank them.

Optimization is considered a success when these search engines enable your website to rank higher then other websites who answer to the same ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ search. This is the innate purpose of SEO Services.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important components of Internet Marketing. Each and every technique that is used in online marketing fails or succeeds on the basis of SEO.

If the optimization of the website is effective than the chances are that your endeavor of marketing products and services on the internet will be successful. At the end of the day its SEO services that prop up the online marketing process of a company. No SEO, No online marketing. As simple as that!

There are many purposes for SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a tactic to help webmasters increase traffic by ranking in the top 10 natural search listings of each major search engine.

Natural search engine listings are located at the left hand side of your screen when you visit sites such as Google or MSN. Traffic is free if you get ranked high within the natural search listings. That is the appeal of SEO.




There are literally millions of people using the major search engines to find information and to buy products and services.

Therefore, if your website is positioned at the top of each major search engine for popular keywords then you could potentially have thousands of people visiting your online business for cents in the Rand (in other words free).

Webmasters use Search Engine Optimization for many reasons including the following:

Generating business leads
Selling Products or servicesy
Reduce cost of doing business (customer service)

SEO is a form of website promotion. Webmasters use SEO to optimize each important page of their website for particular keywords that their target market would use to find their products & services within the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.

For example if I have website where I am selling "Products or Services", then I would want each page that could potentially lead to a sale to be ranked within the top 10 search queries of engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.

For example someone going to Google and searching for "Products or Services", ideally I would want to be ranked #1 for that search.

Large corporations are jumping on the Search Engine Optimization bandwagon because they are realizing how large their ROI (Return on Investment) can potentially be.

For example, business who focus on SEO to drive traffic to their online business can see returns of 4 : 1 which means for each Rand spent 4 is returned. Compare that to traditional ways of advertising such as TV, Magazines etc, where returns if you're lucky are 2: 1 or break even.

In conclusion SEO search engine optimization is used as a means to drive thousands or even millions of people to your website for Cents on the Rand. It is a cost effective way for businesses to advertise online. If you are interested in performing SEO contact us today for a quotation, packages priced from R 400 a month.

It's no secret that the key to making money online is quality targeted traffic. Possibly the most cost effective way to achieve your goals is to obtain this traffic via natural or 'organic' search. Now before, we even attain any rankings, it is crucial to get your site indexed and listed in the search engines. Search engines have an online form which you can fill out to add your URL, however this can generally take weeks if not months. The most effective way is to get indexed via sites that have good authority and those which are indexed on a regular basis. This will allow the crawlers to visit your site quicker. Below are a few of the most popular techniques that are employed;

Article Directories:
Because article directories such as Ezine Articles have authority in Google's eyes, you will often find that once your article is approved, it tends to get indexed in Google within 24 hours. You can check this by typing site: "your article url". If this is displayed then chances are that Google has indexed your URL as well. It doesn't show up straightaway in some cases but you can almost be certain that the spiders have visited your site, this is assuming you have included the website link in your bio.

Forum Signatures:
Signing up to high Page Rank credible forums can get you indexed very quickly. If you are lucky you subscribe to forums and have your URL indexed within 4 minutes (this does happen), this isn't the norm but you can generally expect to be indexed within 24-48 hours.

RSS Submission:
There are plenty of RSS directories where you can submit your XML feed to.This is a great way to get your site content picked up quickly.

Social Bookmarking:
Sites such as Digg are loved by Google's crawlers and they tend to live on those pages. It’s always a good idea to use social bookmarking as part of your indexing and back linking strategy.

Web 2.0 Properties:
Sites such as Hubpages and Squidoo are another example of credible sites that Google likes, it is also worth submitting your content to these. Not only do they help in getting indexed but can give you some much needed quality back links.

Once you have submitted your URL to the various properties mentioned above, it is a good idea to 'ping' them. This is just a simple way of letting the search engines know that your site exists and acts as a gentle reminder. Pinging can be quite powerful so it is a good idea not to overdo this as it can get you banned for being a spammer. If you have a WordPress blog, this facility is built in.
Hopefully the above mentioned techniques show you the importance of doing Search Engine Optimization. It is no easy task and does take up a long time every day. Let us assist and give you a quote on handling your SEO. We can contribute to the success of your online presence.